You can adopt a reindeer from our very special free-roaming herd.

All the reindeer in our herd have a name and are individually recognisable. For £39 per year - BUY ONLINE - you can adopt one of our lovely reindeer and, in this way, help to maintain their enviable lifestyle on the Cairngorm Mountains. As an adopter, you become a one of our valued supporters and in return for your financial support, you will receive a certificate and photograph of your chosen reindeer, additional information on reindeer and souvenirs along with two newsletters over the year. You can also visit the herd for free. The adoption subscriptions are spent entirely on the upkeep of the reindeer including their food and welfare in the form of medicines and veterinary care.

All of the reindeer in our herd are available for adoption, but we just put a small selection of our male reindeer online. The reason for this is that our males spend more of the year in an accessible area where we are able to take you to visit them, whereas the females spend more time free-ranging on the high tops and it's less likely that you'll be able to meet your reindeer. However, if you would rather adopt a female, or know of a different male reindeer not shown online, then just get in touch via phone (01479 861228) or email and we'll be able to arrange this for you. Please note that whilst we will endeavour to introduce you to "your" reindeer if you visit, the free-ranging nature of the herd means this may not be possible.

"Reindeer Adoptions make an unusual Birthday present for someone who has everything and an ideal Christmas present - supporting Father Christmas's reindeer!"



Reindeer available for online adoption


 Born: 2009
Mother: Unknown

Parfa joined our herd from Sweden in 2011. He can be a little shy, but will come and handfeed with encouragement. He is fully trained to pull the sleigh, and easy to spot with his white nose - very handsome!


Born: 2012
Mother: Sequin

Handsome Stenoa  is a big and strong young male, though he has a lot of ‘attitude’ at times and can be quite grumpy! He is trained to pull a sleigh and will go out and about at Christmas time on tour.


Born: 2012
Mother: Lulu

Light coloured small male, who has just been trained to pull the sleigh. He likes to meet anyone who has food for him! Named after the Roman numeral for the number 60, as born in the year of our 60th anniversary.


Born: 2011
Mother: Foil

One of our smaller adult males, Rummy is very handsome as he has a very dark coloured coat. He doesn’t tend to grow particularly big antlers, but still looks very smart when pulling a sleigh at Christmas.


Born: 2011
Mother: Lilibet

Origami is very distinctive as he’s so pale in colour, a family trait. He’s also very handsome! He’s an out-going and friendly lad, and loves to hand-feed. He is trained to harness, and is one of our most reliable ‘Christmas reindeer’.


Born: 2011
Mother: Unknown

Kota is a stunning looking bull who joined our herd from Sweden in 2011. He is a reserved but friendly character, who hand feeds if in the mood, and has successfully fathered a number of calves. He grows huge antlers.


Born: 2013
Mother: Tambourine

Ost is a sweet natured fellow, and was our youngest breeding bull in 2016. He can be a little shy at times. He was named in our 'cheeses' themed year - 'ost' means 'cheese' in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.


Born: 2014
Mother: Rusa

Handsome Atlantic is a big fellow, and also very friendly. He is in such great condition, & so good looking, that we may use him as a breeding bull this autumn. He was named in our "Seas, bays & oceans" theme.


Born: 2012
Mother: Silk

Handsome male who has really gained confidence in the last year, transforming from a shy fellow who was wary of everything, into a cheeky chap who loves to hand-feed. Quite small.

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